TAXØ7 - Traneberg & other places Ø71224 -

11:15 pm (GMT +1h)

Long time no C(W). If you want to listen to the audio of my radio (when active) you can download and install the program you'll find here. Add an client with the IP-adress: and connect. For more information you can read "IP-Sound Documentation" which is included in the ZIP-file.

ØØ:Ø4 am (GMT +1h)

Merry Christmas to you all!

Writing this I’m up north at my birthplace, Luleå. On the 25th I’ll be driving further north to Parkalompolo to participate in PAX 75. You will be able to check my NA BCL activities on my PAX 75 page. You will also be able to listen to my IC-78ØØ which will be streamed over the Internet. Keep an eye on the PAX 75 page as I’ll be updating it with lots of information as soon as I have the time.