Dayton 2007

This year I flew directly from Stockholm, via Philadelphia, to Dayton.
The only disadvantage was that I had to wait about 5 hours for the connecting flight.


Downtown Dayton, this "sculpture" show the first fligth path of the Wright brothers.


As usuall, we stayed at the student dormitories at University of Dayton for only $130 for 4 nights.


Mendelson - the place to be if you like to buy junk...


Lots of junk...


From left to right, Tom Heifner - WE0F & Tom Vinson - NY0V studies some weird equipment...


From left to right, Chris Caldwell - KC0YGW, Bill Caldwell - N0LNO & Tom - NY0V at the Wright - Patterson Air Force Museum.


Me myself at the same museum which is, obviously, a very popular place to visit among Hams the days before the Hamvention starts.


If it had been flying in the service of the US Air Force you could find that plane here at the museum.


In one of the hangars you will find all the X-planes...


along with all "Air Force One" planes.

The Hamvention begins...

Lots of activities to get our stand ready for the flea market.


As always I bump in to Peter Löthberg - SM4KEL / W4KEL once a year at the flea market.


People are lining up for the opening of the Hara Arena at 9 o clock.


Just a small portion of the crowded Hara Arena.


The new SDR IQ on display at the RF Space booth.


The creator of SpectraVue: Moe Wheatley - AE4JY.


The new Hilberling HF / VHF Transceiver PT-8000 on display.


I was lucky to bump into VE3OBU / SM7BUR Göran (Bert) in the midst of the crowd.


Icom’s newest addition to the HF transceiver family: IC-7700 which were displayed in a glass case.


Me and my big DX idol Bob Locher - W9KNI who is the author of the excellent book "The Complete DX'er".


Icom's newest DC to 3 GHz receiver: R9500.


Two "robots" was putting on a show at the Icom booth.


I caught the robot Eve’s attention...


Eve liked to pose in front of my camera.


Bob Heil - K9EID at his booth in the "Sound Alley".


People were waiting with big anticipation for the DX Forum to start.


The DX Forum had many topics and one of the most interesting talks was about the BS7H - Scarborough Reef operation 2007.


To be continued next year...