Dayton 2006

9:02 pm (UTC+1)

After a long absent regarding the updates of my "Blog" I'm back again. I guess it’s appropriate to continue were I left you at Dayton:

Saturday was shopping day....the picture below shows some of the stuff I bought at the hamfair. I actually had to buy myself a new suitcase to bring home all things to Sweden again.

Down below is a picture of Tom, NYØV and Rod, KØDAS having a great time at the ham fair.

Early Sunday morning we ate our breakfast at our usual place "The Breakfast Club" and afterwards we drove the 800 miles back to Cedar Rapids.

Last picture from this absolutely wounderful trip was taken from the car when we crossed the Mississippi river. The next day I flew home to Sweden with minor troubles taking all my new toys trough security....

10:43 pm (EST)

WOW, I'm finally not an Dayton virgin anymore, experenced my first day here at the Dayton Hamvention 2006.

Out trip from Cedar Rapids, IA started at 6:30 Thursday morning. The weather was most parts of the time good with som minor rain along the path. In this picture we have "The Death Van", carrying all the stuff that was to be sold at Dayton, just ahead of us.

And here is a picture for my VAS (Visited All States) collection:

And here is another new one for my VAS:

We finally made it to Dayton OH and our sleeping quarters at 5 pm (EST). Here is the some of the CR gang gathered at our complimentary suite:

As the tradition bids we went out to a place called "The Dairy Farm", a couple of mile outside Dayton, and ate som really good food & ice creams.

Friday morning we got up early to be at Hara arena at 8:00. Even though we were arriving there quite early, the parking lot starting to fill up.

Below follows just a sample of all the pictures I took at this HUGE hamfest:

Today I only bought my self a name tag and a base ball cap with my call sign on it...tomorrow I'll start my serious shopping...

CUL es 73 de SFØF/W8