PAX 75 - The Aftermath...
--- Audire multus et sonare nihilum ---

You'll find my additional PAX 75 loggings here.

9:11 pm (GMT +1h)

Arrived here in Stockholm yesterday after an 11 hour long drive and today I've been unpacking and playing around with some more SDR recordings. The only new finding I made so far was: 1270 - KIML, Gillette WY.

8:35 pm (GMT +1h)

The trip back to Luleå went well, only saw three reindeers and "that famous fox" during my drive back.

Today I've been playing with the first SDR-IQ recordings and I must say the audio is lousy compared to a "real" radio but never the less I managed to pick up quite a few new stations: 750 - WSB, Atlanta GA, 830 - WTRU, Kernersville NC, 930 - WPAT, Paterson NJ, 1290 - WKBK, Keene NH, 1360 - WDRC, Hartford CT and 1360 - WYOS, Binghamton NY.

Yet another comment on listening to those recordings... It’s not as thrilling as doing it in real-time as you won’t miss a thing. You don’t have to make active decisions which frequency to listen to – you just rewind and play back the preferred frequency that lies within the span of your recordings…

It sort of takes away all the skills you’ll need as an experienced BCL’er. Boring but effective… but hey that’s life and if you’re as greedy as I am this is unquestionably the right way to go.

By the way, I’m sincerely thinking of selling my two SDR-IQ’s: So give me a shout if you’re interested and you’ll are willing to offer me a serious price for the two units.