PAX 75 (2007-12-25 -- 2008-01-02)
--- Audire multus et sonare nihilum ---

You'll find my PAX 75 loggings here.

2:35 pm (GMT +1h)

Now it's time to petrify this PAX 75 page for ever as I am about to pull the plug and head back to Luleå. Thanks for stopping by and hope you have enjoyed it. Meet you all at the page PAX 75 - The Aftermath that you’ll shortly find here on I have only about 500 Gigs of SDR recordings to go through so there will be plenty to write about...

Es now QRT

Di di di dah di dah

11:33 am (GMT +1h)

So have we come to the beginning of the end of this annual expedition... It’s time for me to head down to Luleå this evening and stay at my Mothers QTH for a couple of days before I will take on stage two on my journey back home.

Yesterday did not offer much but today I've managed to catch a couple of new ones so far: WOBL Oberlin OH and WILS, Lansing both on 1320.

So how was propagation during this expedition compared to PAX 68 last year? Well the propagation has been ranging from poor to fair and definitely not as good as last year. I'll be back this afternoon just before I close down this page forever. CU!

10:15 am (GMT +1h)

Prosperous 2008! Yesterday was the best day so far with good propagations to various places i North America. I managed to catch a few new ones: 1410 - KRWB, Roseau MN, 1390 - KRRZ, Minot ND, 1330 - KWKW, Los Angeles CA and 1480 - WGVU, Kentwood MI.

- No Canadian stations? You ask. I couldn’t care less as they are even worse than the US stations to reply on reception reports so I treat them the same way as they treat me.

Yesterday evening the temperature dropped down to abt - 17 as we at the same time enjoyed a nice New Years Eve dinner with lot's of reindeer meat and wine.

11:45 pm (GMT +1h)

Happy New Year!

2:33 am (GMT +1h)

Good Middle of the Night, My cold has a firm grip of my immune system and refuses to be driven away from my body. Yesterday offered some fair propagation but once again I managed to log new station: 1320 - KOZY, Grand Rapids MN.

On 1240 I have two tentative stations: one that calls themselves "Hot Country" and is probably KSLV, Monte Vista CO and the other that I managed to get an ID: that sounded like "You’re listening News Talk 12-40 LL" or something similar which is probably KBLL, Helena MT.

This night the band has started quite good with openings to all over USA and Canada. Football seems to be The event of tonight...

7:07 am (GMT +1h)

Good morning. Sorry for not have updating the homepage for a while but I’ve been busy with lots of listening and sleeping (as I'm has got an cold - as almost everybody else here in Parka). Yesterday offered some fair propagation but I manged to catch 3 new stations: 1430 - KYKN Keizer OR, 1400 - KLCK, Goldendale WA and 1400 - KSPT, Sandpoint ID.

This morning so far... nothing.

5:25 pm (GMT +1h)

Good Afternoon, dear readers. Fair propagations up until 11 UTC and after that the band slowly but surely died. Not a single new station in the log for me today. Here's some new pictures that was taken during yesterdays unpacking and today’s listening session:

Bosse's and Rolf's advanced indoor antenna setup.

Peder hooked up his equipment faster than you can say "She sells seashells on the seashore - and the shells she sells are seashells I'm sure" three times in a row. Lasse is unpacking his radio in a more relaxed way even though, by the look on his face, he seems to wonder what the heck is going on.

Rolf behind his listening post that consists of an Icom Ic-7000 and one SDR-IQ.

Valter, Peder and Lasse is doing some serious listening.

Bosse is smiling happily as always... He has probably yet another "first heard in Sweden" in his headphones.

Christer is sweeping through the band with his SDR-14. Please notice a very happy Lasse in the background...

As a substitute of a picture of myself…

9:17 am (GMT +1h)

Good Morning, the band has opened up to areas around MN, MT WI and alike... lots of activity but no super signal strengths so far..

Today’s weather report: around freezing and about 4 inches of snow has been falling during the night.

10:30 pm (GMT +1h)

This afternoon PAX 75 became complete with the last four participants: Christer K, Rolf Å, Peder S and Lasse S. We enjoyed an great pasta dinner together which was prepared by our Italian participant, Valter... and yes... we drank some Italian wine as well,,,,

The band has opened up slightly with the most common east coasters and some strange paths into the mid west.

10:43 am (GMT +1h)

Hello World! This night every channel was filled with Spanish speaking stations and I made a quick depart to my bed. This morning the band was rather noisy but I manage to log two new stations: 980 - KFWB Los Angeles CA and 1350 - KTIK, Nampa ID.

Right now the outside temperature is about minus 6 C with some minor snowfall and the AM band is nearly stone dead. CU Soon.

0:30 am (GMT +1h)

Good evening, after some problems with my computer and my wireless modem I'm online again... The band has opened up just slightly and it's going to be fun to hear what it will offer tonight.

3:25 pm (GMT +1h)

Good afternoon, the band was not in its best shape today and TA propagation died around 1 pm. Despite the propagation I logged 4 new stations today, mainly from the east coast of US. Time to relax for a while..

9:19 am (GMT +1h)

Good morning, the band has opened up but still only one new station for me: "Radio for Men" WZAN 970, Portland ME. It's time for me to go back to the AM Band... Get back to you ASAP.

1:11 am (GMT +1h)

Arrived safely here in Parka around 2 pm. I've been setting up ant testing all the equipment and it seems to work well even tough the Internet connection is only around 200 Kbit/s. I haven’t listen around much yet but the propagation this evening seemed to be fair with the usual east coast stations coming in quite well.

Took some pictures on my journey up here, enjoy!

Now it’s time to go to sleep. CU later today and hopefully I'll have something in my logs to brag about.

7:45 am (GMT +1h)

Wow! It's "in the middle of the night" and I'm up packing the last stuff in my car. In a short while I'll be on the move up to Parkalompolo. It's a 3ØØ Km drive ( 3Ø Swedish miles :) - Tom ) and it will take me about 3- 4 hours to get there. Wx today is overcast and temperature lies around 3 degrees Celsius and the temperature in Parka is expected to be roughly the same.

I will give you a status report when I arrive at my final destination and (if) the Internet connection works. CU!

11:18 pm (GMT +1h)

I’m preparing for an early bird drive up to Parka tomorrow morning. I will, as always, bring my IC-78ØØ with me and as a new addition to my stack of equipments I will bring along two SDR-IQ's accompanied with an external HDD with the storage capacity of 1 TB.

It will be great fun to test those IQ´s but most of the analyzing of the recorded IF (2* 19Ø KHz span) will be done during this upcoming spring as I will manly focus on the IC-78ØØ and have those SDR´s on constantly recording of various parts of the AM band.