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Myself in Parkalompolo, Winter 2006-07
My IC 7800 Click on the picture to see a broader view of the house.

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My name is Ove Friman and I live in Bromma which is a suburb of Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden. My FB Mercury Paddle

I'm 42 years old and work within the Swedish National Communications Security Authority as the head of the crypto developement. My interest in listening to foreign radio stations (Dx-ing) started about 28 years ago and under the years of 1979 to 1983 I mailed quite a few reception reports to different stations over the whole world.

In the year of 1984 I became a radio amateur (with the call sign SM2PSO) and gradually my interest for DX-ing faded away. Three years later I moved down to Stockholm and my call shanged to SMØPSO.

*** From the 15th of February 2006 I canged my callsign to SFØF, which is a vanity call that we are now allowed to use in Sweden ***

Since then I've been a somewhat active (from time to time) radio amateur on the shortwave bands.

Five year ago I, unfortunately got a neurological movement disorder called Cervical Dystonia. You have probably never heard of it and that's very easy to understand since it's very uncommon (in Sweden they say that 45 people out of 1 ØØØ ØØØ gets this disorder, and I believe it's the same in most countries).

The disorder makes involuntary contractions of my neck and shoulder muscles that cause the head to twist up to the left. My neck muscles also contract repetitively, producing uncontrollable head movements. There's no cure for my disorder but they inject a neurotoxin called Botox into my spastic muscles every third month, which makes the muscles spasm much less.

A you can understand, those first yeras after I got the disorder was the worst years in my life but the Botox injections has helped med very much. Nowadays my head does not twitch and turn that much anymore but I do still have some minor pain in the affected muscles.

I do still work, as my work is not physical, but after work I do not come out as much as I used to do, because of the pain I get when I do physical activities. But my life could of course not end there…I have to fight on…there was no other alternative…and I actually start to feel better and better!!!My first SWL QSL

Four years ago I took up the hobby of DX-ing and Amateur Radio again and it actually makes me to forget the pain while when I play with my radios. So life after all… isn’t that bad.

Thanks to all you guys who participating in making my live a little bit easier to cope with, by talking to me over the radio!

The setup of my radio shack is a Icom 78ØØ which I run barefoot (2ØØ watts) into a 3 element 3 band Yagi.

If you hear me on the bands - please give me a shout, it would be very much appreciated.

73 de Ove Friman - SFØF - The ham formerly known as SMØPSO.

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