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Due to the fact that the creator of DX4WIN (Paul, KK4HD) has changed the database format in version 8 and refuses to realease the information about the changes in his proprietary format to me, im not able to publish my online log any more. Tips on a another ham loggings software would be very much appreciated.

On this page you will be able to download my Fri-ware application: LogToWeb.

Current Version:

( April 25, 2008 )

Click HERE to download the application (Setup.exe)

This application is written in Delphi and runs on almost every Micosoft Windows platform (95, 2000, NT, ME, XP & Vista).

The goal of this project has been to make a program that can automatically extract log entries from DX4WIN or Cabrillo files - take the extracted data and publish it on to a webpage.

The LogToWeb application sits most of it's time minimized in the Taskbar and only comes to life when the user saves a log file in the DX4WIN application.


LogToWeb - Main features

Have fun - and please report any bugs and other unwanted features. /ØF